Private Jets & Aircraft's

Compare our fares for a medium to long range distances

We have one of the newest fleets in the travel industry and hire only the most experienced and friendliest pilots and cabin crew.

Our Fleats:

  • Golfstream G650 (2.30Hrs from Riyadh, 7.30Hrs from NYC)
  • Falcon 7X (Dassault)
  • Bombardier Global ExpressXRS and Global 5000
  • Falcon 900/900 EX
  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • and few smaller ones


Pictures taken from PrivateFly


G 650
Inside Bombadier 
Falcon 7x Soars
The future lies with us الابعد:  Aerion AS2 the fastest and longest range private Jet, available in Mykonos on summer 2020, إن شاء الله


And a Tip from Constantine:

Ask for a better price… Perhaps, we can offer something way cheaper with help from our private charter international network! Save few thousands and do a charity ?